Required Documents

Following documents should be provided with the new connection form:
  • Attested photocopy of CNIC
  • Attested photocopy of sale deed/proof of ownership
  • Copy of the assessment (E&T Dept.) specify the dept. instead of giving abbreviations
  • Site Plan to indicate location of property

Types of Connections

The following types of connections are sanctioned:
  • Domestic (Metered)
  • Commercial (Metered)
  • Industrial (Metered)
  • Charitable

New Connection Process

To get a new water connection in Lahore you will have to contact the office of Sub Divisional Officer, WASA located in your area. The Sub Divisional Clerk then issues the New Connection Form after the submission of an application. This new connection form also includes the connection agreement between the consumer and WASA. The Sub Divisional Officer after site verification and arrears report sends form to the concerned Revenue Division for computerization of data and issuance of demand notice/challan. The related Deputy Director Revenue after getting data entered will return the new connection form along with the security challan. Next the SDO, after recovery of security will order the installation of a new water connection and will return the new connection form (after filling in the installation date) along with security paid challan for billing purposes. An estimated advance bill for 6 Moths is included in the challan which is later adjusted in the monthly bills.